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5 Party Themes That Won’t Offend UIC Students

The key to a great party is a great theme. Whether it’s a birthday party or an open party for the sake of getting drunk, a theme almost always makes it more enjoyable. With UIC being one of the most diverse and left-leaning campuses in the country it’s hard to stay in the clear with party themes (Cherokee Bros and NavaHoes was bound to fail, but dammit it was fun!). Luckily, your pals at The Black Sheep are here to keep your parties fun and hate-free.


Risky Business:

This theme is easy to nail and hard to take offensively. Set as an office themed party, girls often take it a step further, alluding to the 1983 film Risky Business, rocking Tom Cruise’s notorious button-down, no pants look. Despite never seeing the film, girls from these parties are usually caught saying how much they love Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock n Roll”. As long as nobody brings up equal pay in the workplace, you’re in the clear!


A Night in Vegas:

What better way is there to celebrate your debauchery than to praise the capital of sins? Sin City is full of a variety of characters from all walks of life. All your bases will be covered and no one will feel left out. Want to dress like a fat white tourist playing the slots? Done. Want to dress like a corner hooker? To each their own! Since Vegas already has its share of vices, hosting a party with this theme is an ace in the hole if you’re looking to avoid getting shamed for being ignorant or intolerable.


70s Theme:

Break out the fake afros and parachute pants. This theme is easy to dress for and hard to hate. It’s tough to be offended when everyone in attendance is wearing tie-dye and throwing around peace symbols like it’s the end of the world. Take a step back in time and get drunk in the same atmosphere as your parents…with a lot less acid.


Hall of Fame:

This is a sports-themed party. Nothing offensive here. Unless you dress as O.J. Keep it simple. Jordan, LeBron, Jeter. Stick to the greats. Being in Chicago, girls are likely to be seen sporting Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant jerseys, citing the fact that “they’re sooo hot.” The only threat to your morale with this theme is diehard fans getting into heated arguments about their respective teams.

Pool Decks with Equal and Respectable Members of the Opposite Sex:

Who doesn’t love a pool party? If you can land a rooftop pool somewhere in the city, this party will go down in the books. The title keeps it classy and focuses on making sure no one at this turn up are objectified. Who are the members of the opposite sex? Well, that depends on who you are. No one can argue gender equality here!


Themes To Avoid: 3rd Reich Bros and Nazi Hoes, South of The Border, and Plantation Owners and Southern Church Goers

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