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5 Things Freshmen Will Never Know About UIC

Snugged between Harrison and Taylor Street, UIC has a ton of history. While many aspects of UIC have changed throughout the years, upperclassmen have had the opportunity to experience things than some younger undergrads have not, like these 5 sorely-missed things.



Taken out of UICs Inner Circle all too soon, Wendy’s was a go-to spot on campus when looking for a bite to eat. Showcasing affordable options and delicious food, the ginger priestess was one of the highlights of going to school at UIC. Aside from the line that took years to get through and the more than occasional botched order, the people of UIC will always have a special place in their hearts for Double Stacks and Frosties.


Taylor Made:

Closed in Spring 2017 Taylor Made was one of the best places around school. With a special of $5 for two abnormally large slices of pizza and a drink, it was the spot to be after getting drunk at 10 Doors. No matter which Thursday of the year it was, you could be sure to see a fight or someone vomiting outside. Long live Taylor Made. What was once a staple in UIC is now an empty storefront taunting the drunks of Taylor Street.



Vintage Lounge was once able to boast the title of “go-to Thursday night spot,” but is now a ghost town. With a club-like atmosphere and an “I guess this looks like you” ID policy, Vintage was once 10 Doors’ daddy. Since charging cover and increasing drink prices, UIC students have migrated and found another place to make regrettable decisions. Vintage now stands a shell of its old self. Loud music, nice venue, but zero patrons.


4th Floor Library:

The spot to procrastinate. If you ever wanted to fool yourself into thinking you were an academic all-star, the 4th floor of the library was where you’d find yourself on a nightly basis. A typical night would see countless boxes of pizza, loud music, and maybe even a gambling ring or two. Of course no work got done here, the 4th floor was more of a social club than anything.


Old, Yellow Caf:

Ever since the cafeteria at UIC got renovated things just haven’t been the same. Sure, the nice food displays and seating are more practical, but it’s hard to get over the memory of what the Caf used to be. Imagine bright yellow walls, 3 TVs all flickering on and off like a horror movie, and cafeteria workers drunk with power. This was the height of UIC Dining Centers. Back when was UIC was ratchet; the good ol’ days.


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