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5 Things UIC Students Would Have Brought on The Mayflower

With Thanksgiving around the corner it’s time to look back onto things you are thankful for. There’s a lot of stuff that UIC students couldn’t go a day without, but here are 5 things that any Flame would bring with them to the New World on The Mayflower:


6.) Ear buds:

There’s nothing like avoiding the entirety of the population around you. At UIC almost everyone is seen with ear buds in, trying to avoid human contact at all costs. Even if their phone is dead the students found walking around campus will still put in their headphones to make it look they can’t hear you. Hey, they’re in a hurry.


5.) An Umbrella and a Heavy Coat:

UIC is defined by its seasons. Though these don’t have any actual names because if we called them summer, fall, winter, or spring their characteristics would not fit anything predisposed about the seasons. With the weather changing so drastically all of the time, UIC students need to make sure they always pack an umbrella and extra layers. You never know when the temperature is going to drop to 30 degrees. Even if it is August you can’t be too sure.


4.) Carm’s:

The cheap burger joint behind the library is a staple to the UIC community, whether you’ve tried their whole menu or only stopped in for some fries, the bullet hole-ridden windows of Carm’s is somewhere every UIC students loves to be.


3.) Dunkin’ Donuts:

Coffee is must when making your way to class. Located in SCE, nothing on campus gets business quite like the Dunkin’ Donuts. Even with a line that twists and turns its way around the second floor of SCE, Dunkin’ still manages to attract every student at UIC. With the amount of students who visit the place every day, it’s almost impossible not to see someone sipping on an iced coffee as they walk to class… even if it is the middle of November and it’s freezing.


2.) A Printer:

This problem is all too real, especially as UIC trudges on to finals season.  With a limited amount of printers available and even less of those working, UIC boasts a community of students driven mad over the lack of facilities to produce their research paper that they wrote the night before. If everyone had their own printer, things at UIC would operate a little more smoothly.


1.) A Ventra:

Looked at as a necessity to survive at UIC, every student gets an insane amount of usage out of his or her “CTA gift card.” Though used to get to and from class, UIC gives students a Ventra and offers the whole city to its students as they venture to places their parents from the suburbs would surely be afraid to see their children at.

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