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6 Ways to Save Your Grade Before UIC’s Winter Break

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone it’s time for students to start looking at finals…and panic. Many are unsatisfied with their current grade and look to extreme measures to save 15 weeks’ worth of a grade in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, binging the remaining time in Richard J. Daley Library just doesn’t work for everyone, and desperate times bring desperate measures. With crunch time upon UIC students, it’s time to finally figure out how to get your grade up to par after skipping all your lectures in BSB to get Au Bon Pain and “study” while watching Stranger Things 2.


6.) Beg:
Begging can be a demeaning, but effective way to secure a passing grade. Make sure you emphasize that this is the only time you could have ever fulfilled your Understanding the Individual and Society gen-ed and if you fail you’ll have to stay another semester at UIC. Maybe bring an onion in your backpack when you go see your professor, the tears could give you the extra edge you need.


5.) Ask for Re-dos:

Remember that assignment you figured wouldn’t hurt your grade so you blew it off? Turns out those 10 points are the difference between an A and a B. Ask your teacher for a re-do, and be persistent about it — if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Your teacher might be tough on the rules at first, but after a dozen emails and mysterious gifts appearing in their mailbox at University Hall, they may change their mind.

4.) Offer Extra Work:

Teachers want to see you succeed as much as you do. Offering to do an extra project for 15 extra credit points so you can pass the class can soften up some teachers’ resolve. Be careful with this method, however — you can get yourself in trouble. Your offer to write a report about The Bean could quickly turn into a full-blown 15-page research project about Millennium Park and the city’s reasons for building it.


3.) Pay Your Friend to Take the Final:

If you aren’t confident you can pass the final, your friend could be a resource. Maybe they’ve taken the class before, maybe they know a lot about Chicago history, bottom line is they can get you that D you need to pass. This strategy works best huge lecture halls like BSB 250 with courses that are basic knowledge for most people — unless they’ve skipped 60% of their classes.


2.) Complain to the Teacher:

With this strategy, you have to be pretty good at litigating an argument. By latching onto some minute detail in the teacher’s syllabus or rubric, an argument could be formed that you deserve a passing grade. Be prepared to defend your findings or be asked to stop “harassing” the teacher — they don’t like this method so much.


1.) Give Up:
Sometimes, it’s in your best interest to just give up the ghost and chalk it up for a GPA recalculation next semester. Take the extra time to take care of your mental sanity; take a nap in Idea Commons or chill out in the Rec’s hot tub. Some things are just not meant to be, and sometimes you have to learn it the hard way — the hardest part is letting go. This way you can focus on fixing your grades in other classes and hope you can still pull a 3.0.

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