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6 Ways UIC Architecture Majors Can be More Annoying This Semester

With the start of a new year and a new semester, UIC architecture students have felt the need to up the ante. While obsessively showcasing their projects and fun antics in the architecture building, here are some new ideas for students within the program:


6.) Stay In The Architecture Building Longer:

As if their nights weren’t already late enough, students studying architecture at UIC can stay even later in their home building. With the need to work all night and their personal hygiene taking a backseat, students have figured that showers aren’t very important after all.


5.) Smoke Even More Weed:

Commonly used to kick-start their creative juices, architecture majors are looking for even more reasons to utilize pot this year. With more and more regulations being passed in 2018 the rumored smoke room donated by alum in the architecture building is looking like a real possibility.

4.) Download Minecraft and Master Their Building Skills:

While working to get better at building structures, the students in UIC’s architecture department have found the perfect place to practice: Minecraft. Logging countless hours in the game gives the students an opportunity to work until the wee hours of the morning honing their craft of planning structures out of blocks without having to leave their house.


3.) Post More Snapchats of Their Projects:

There’s nothing a biology major more wants to see while working through their 47th slide of 200-slide Organic Chemistry notes than a snap of an architecture major who is #grinding out one of their projects. Posting more Snapchat stories of their model of UH is not only something that architecture students want to do more of, but something the rest of the population at UIC is dying to see.  We love to be reminded that there are students who are dealing with a harder workload than us, and that we should be grateful for our easy courses.


2.) Reclaim The Warmspot:

After the closing of the popular smoke spot last semester, architecture students have been in an uproar. With their go-to smoke break spot being stolen from them, the community has been planning to tear down the newly-constructed gate for months. With the coming of the new semester students are finally getting ready to do what they must to reclaim what was once theirs.  If all falls through, however, students in the architecture program can use their newfound building skills from Minecraft to construct a new place to smoke on campus.


1.) Finish the Architecture Building:

The architecture building was never really finished. If you take a walk through you’ll find a number of staircases leading into walls and empty, seemingly pointless corridors. With the new semester providing inspiration for new opportunities, students of the architecture program are vowing to finally finish the building. Whether it’s with actual concrete or wood paste and a modeling kit, don’t be surprised when a bit more of campus is finally filled up this year.

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