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6 Ways UIC Students Stay Sane During Finals

Finals at UIC bring a lot of anxiety with them. Countless hours studying, trying to track down study drugs, and planning your elaborate method to cheat on your final exam to snag the passing grade that you’ve been longing for. No matter your case, we compiled a couple of things to make sure that you don’t lose your mind while cramming for your exams.


6.) Avoid The 2nd Floor of The Lib:

You may think that it’s the best place to study. All of your friends are there, it’s open all night — pretty much a study party! It’s not. The 2nd floor of the lib during finals is nothing short of a zoo. Loud and obnoxious, this is where everyone who doesn’t actually need to study goes during the week. If focusing on your work and course material is your goal then you’re going to want to hike up to the 3rd or 4th floor. While incredibly more mundane, they serve your purpose way better.


5.) Break UIC’s Tobacco Free Campus Rule:

Sometimes the best way to keep your head straight is some good ol’ fashioned American tobacco. There’s nothing quite like a cigarette break during your 12-hour study binge in the lib. You may say “But won’t the UIC police give me a ticket?” No. Once finals rolls around all rules seem to be forgotten. Taking up smoking also offers you an opportunity to finally utilize those weird-ass concrete circles that sit in front of the library!

4.) Study Drugs:

If you can somehow stumble into some focus pills for ADD, studying is going to be a lot easier. Not only are you going to be a hardwired machine ready to crank out all of your papers and final projects, but you’re also going to enjoy music and talking to your friends a whole lot more. It’s best to lock yourself away somewhere secluded, because if you do have distractions around you’re going to commit to them… fully.


3.) Utilize the Rec:

Rumor has it that the Rec gives out free massages during finals week, and if getting groped by someone in your Bio 101 class is your cup of tea then this is something you’re definitely going to want to use. Other than that, the Rec also offers a hot tub and sauna, both actually great ways to de-stress. Speaking of stress, take precautions if you’re a guy, as old men in the locker room love to strut around with their dicks out.


2.) Take Advantage of All the Free Shit:

Whether it be small companies trying to get their product in students’ hands, or huge companies like Red Bull posting up outside of BSB, try to hit the people giving away free stuff as much as you can, as it can help feed your broke ass for a couple of days. Stay on the lookout in the Rec for free granola bars and in the lib by the fake Starbucks for free coffee, the most coveted of free things.


1.) Sleep:

While studying is probably most important part of finals week, it’s also important to take advantage of sleep while you can. Whether is be in your dorm between exams, or on the table at the lib so you don’t lose your spot, any sleep is valuable, as it’s hard to come by during the final week of the semester. The good news is there aren’t any classes during finals week, the bad news is there are 8 a.m. exams and countless hours of studying that need to get done.



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