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7 Things You’ll See on the Late Night Blue Line

Being a commuter-heavy school, UIC is full of students who trek up and down the railways of Chicago’s “L” system. The Blue Line is the full of weirdos and crazy antics at all hours of the day, but in the late hours the real party begins.

7.) An Alcoholic Hobo:
Although this is a sight seen at all times on the train, the issue is exacerbated heavily after the sun goes down. Sometimes they’re carrying a bottle and sometimes they’re begging for one. The real difference in their obnoxiousness is whether or not they’re coherent enough to yell at you when you walk by.

6.) Blackhawks Fans:
Not quite as drunk as the previous entry, but just as obnoxious. These guys are inescapable on game day, treating the whole train car to an out-of-tune “Chelsea Dagger” chorus; interestingly, even when the team loses, they still sing that damned song.

5.) Overtired Students:
Resulting from the Blue Line passing directly next to UIC, students strung out on caffeine are often spotted late at night, notes still in hand. These guys can’t stop and won’t stop studying — the aforementioned hobo could be pissing in the corner of the train car and the students won’t even look up from their 314th anatomy flashcard.

4.) The Business Man Who Stayed at Happy Hour Too Long:
Dressed in a suit and looking like he could be your father, this late-night Blue Line dweller is usually a bit happier than the rest. Typically found roaming the aisles of the train looking for high fives, it’s best that he makes his way back to his wife and kids soon.

3.) Hammered Hipsters:
The Blue Line can directly be blamed for offering hipsters access to other parts of the city. They reside primarily in Wicker Park and Logan Square, key stops along the Blue Line. As a result, they exclusively use the Blue Line to access those new trendy bars elsewhere in the city because they’re much too cool (and poor) for Uber.

2.) The Pile of Clothes That’s Actually a Person:
Commonly mistaken for garbage or things left behind, this person has actually just made a home on the train. If you look closely you can see a foot popping out and the blue t-shirt on top slowing moving up and down. After 1a.m. there always seems to be more and more of these piles.

1.) Some Guy Smoking a Blunt:
On every train line in the city, this is a common occurrence after the sun goes down; on the Blue Line this is particularly relevant on the Western end of the line. Once you go past Racine, all bets are off; people won’t just be smoking blunts either — cigarettes, too, are prevalent, although these tend to stick to the Northern, hipstery, side of the Blue Line.

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