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7 of UIC’s Best Views of Chicago

Famously located in the middle of a large metropolitan city, UIC offers breathtaking views of Chicago. With UIC’s old, decaying buildings blocking most views of the city, finding a place for your next Instagram post isn’t the easiest task. Here are seven good ones, though:


7.) From Your Boring Class in Lincoln Hall:

Since these classes are typically smaller, instructors have less of a tolerance for phones and laptops. Need a way to get distracted? take a look out the window and examine the buildings that make up Chicago’s skyline.


6.) The Top of BSB:

Take the semi-spiraling staircase up to this glorious rooftop around sunset. The first thing you’ll see is a big-ass building staring at you, and the skyline right behind it. Try to take a picture without putting UH in the frame, we dare you.

5.) The Top of UH:

To get to this one, you’ll have to come up with an excuse that will give you a purpose to be on top of UH. We suggest something like attending a Student Senate meeting, (Mondays, 3-5 p.m.) or being super sneaky. Since you’re on the top floor of the tallest building on campus, nothing stands in your way.


4.) The Corner of Harrison and Halsted:

If you’ve walked to the UIC-Halsted Blue Line stop, you’ve certainly experienced the exhilarating pleasure of being dumbfounded by the view in front of you… and almost getting hit by a car. This spot is especially glorious during sunset, the whole city lights up. If you can ignore the stop lights and cell towers, this is the move.


3.) On Top of MRH/TBH:

While students aren’t supposed to know that they can get on top of the two campus housing buildings, they definitely can. With a little bit of exploration (and an RA that can point you in the right direction) getting on top of MRH or TBH offers one of the best views of the skyline, plus you can a bird’s eye view of the drunks’ antics strolling down Halsted Street.


2.) Peoria Street Bridge:

This is the other entrance to the UIC-Halsted Blue Line stop (if you’re not an art student or commuter, this place isn’t on your radar). This spot provides an amazing view of the skyline and an even better view of all car accidents that occur on 290. You can predict them even, if you stand there long enough.


1.) Running Track in the Recreation Center:

You gotta sweat it out for to take full advantage of this spot, or at least pretend. The corner of the track in the rec center, where you’ll almost always find someone sitting on the mat looking at their phone, offers a serene view of the skyline. There’s also a giant billboard and an opportunity to witness some bad driving. Plus points!

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