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7 Ways to Succeed at UIC using Your Fortnite Addiction

With the release of Fortnite and its explosion in popularity over the last month, many at UIC have been left feeling the effects of addiction and separation anxiety from the battle royale game. The Black Sheep has compiled a list of ways your Fortnite obsession can be useful and your addiction can be fed around UIC until the next time you hop in a game.

7.) Use Your Looting Skills to Find New Materials:

No pen? No notebook? Still haven’t gone school shopping? No worries! Since you’ve been dropping in Greasy Grove for so long you’ve got this figured out. Use your ability to find weapons and meds in Fortnite to find your new school supplies. UIC Bookstore? Good one! Everyone knows that’s just UIC’s overpriced monopoly over its students. It’s time to start savaging around the lib and SCE for left over pencils and loot chests. 

6.) Use Your Building Experience to Construct a Good Relationship with Your TA:

It’s no secret that being chill with your TA can lead to a better overall grade in your class. From your time building structures on the fly while battling fifty other people you know how to switch things up in an instant. If you see them at the Little Joe’s, buy them a drink. If you see them at the lib, say hi (don’t sit by them, that’s just awkward).

5.) Utilize your Ability to Survive a Whole Game to Survive a Wait in a Line in the Inner Circle:

You’ve gotten victory royal before. You know what it takes to win a full game and survive until the end. Use these experiences and implement them to keep your sanity and survive until you can finally place your order at the mile-long line at Subway.

4.) Squad Up With Your Friends in The Lib to Respark your Social Life:

After playing countless “Squad” matches you’ve learned to communicate and make it to the end. Take these communication skills to the next level and actually hang out with your friends in real life. Maybe even put your “Duos” skills to the test and hangout with your girlfriend – it’s been awhile, she’s worried.

3.) Use Your Knack to Run From the Storm to Run From the Cold:

Dying in the storm is the worst way to go out in Fortnite; during your obsession you’ve learned how to escape the circle of doom. Use this in your daily life at UIC to get out of the cold of the wind vortex that is The Quad and into the blistering hot of UIC buildings.

2.) Swap Homework and Answers With Classmates like Ammo with Teammates:

To make it to the end of the game it’s essential to share with your teammates and make sure everyone on your squad is well off. Why not use this in real life? Help out your classmates and friends by sharing your homework to make it to the end of the semester together. Online quiz in Music 127? There’s a 100% chance someone you know has the answers. Ask around. If you have the answers share the wealth.

1.)  Use Your Camping Skill to Hide From Responsibilities:

During every game of Fortnite there’s a stage when you hide and pray for your life. Use this experience to avoid all the things you have to get done this semester. You can’t get confused in lecture or feel the awkward silence of discussion if you don’t go. Besides, more time spent inside hiding from the world means more time for you to actually play Fortnite.

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