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Inequality FTW! UIC Announces Full-Priced Tuition Even If You Come From A Low-Income Household

Inspired by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne’s recent pledge to provide free tuition for student’s whose family’s make under $61,000, UIC officials have just announced that households of all income levels will be receiving full-priced tuition for UIC students this year.

“We were absolutely blown away by the steps made by our friends at Urbana,” said Chuck Greenberg, head of UIC’s financial aid services. “So much so that we decided to take some similar steps of our own.”

The new program will thoroughly and carefully weigh the financial, familial, and academic situations of each individual student attending UIC. After everything is taken into account, that student will be assigned full tuition.

“It really is imperative that we understand every facet of a student’s background before we charge them full tuition,” Greenberg said.

While UIC’s administration feels very confident in the new program, the school’s student body has been less than enthusiastic.

“My family only makes $60,000 a year, so when we heard that UIC was starting a program similar to Urbana’s, we were ecstatic,” said Sara Smith, a UIC sophomore. “But then when we went to apply for the program we received bill for over $13,000 grand in the mail. My dad started crying.”

Despite the criticisms, UIC’s administration firmly beleives that the program is here to stay.

“Ultimately our goal is to empower lower income students by making them pay the same amount as higher income students,” Greenberg said. 

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