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Illinois (Chicago)

Taylor Street Shut Down Due To Hawekeye’s “Bomb” Wings

Last night, Taylor Street was shut down between Laflin St. and Loomis St. As residents on the 1400 block of Taylor looked on the street with disbelief of all the police vehicles, The Black Sheep caught up with UIC sophomore Davis McRight as he described the cause of the street closing.

“I was eating at Hawkeye’s, that bar right over here. As I waited for my wings to show up I remember that I got mild wings when I meant to say hot. When I corrected my order I never thought these would be the consequences.” McRight told The Black Sheep.

It all seemingly came from one comment. When McRight finally got his food and took a bite he said it.

“They were bomb. I always say that about the food I eat. I’ve never thought anything of it.”

McRight went on to list other adjectives of the same nature:

“Bomb, fire, flame. These all like, describe crazy good things. When I said that the wings were ‘bomb’ I didn’t expect the police officer behind me to react so radically,” The sophomore explained, “Soon after I watched like, 40, cop cars roll up and BOOM! Half the street is closed.”

Police closed down the street claiming a bomb threat had been placed.

“Yeah we had to shut it down and check everything out for a bit. When we finally sorted it all out we had a laugh with the kid about the misunderstanding,” Officer Mike Mills said, “We even ended up going to Hawkeye’s after everything got cleared up. I gotta say, those wings are pretty bomb.”

“I’m just happy I didn’t end up in prison,” McRight admitted, “It’s safe to say I’ll be back for these wings. Just hope they don’t give me explosive diarrhea.”



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