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We Walked On UIC’s New Sidewalk And SPOILER ALERT: It’s Pretty F**king Rad

With a new semester comes new students, and what better way to welcome them than by debuting a new, glamorous sidewalk, one that we’ve never seen the likes of before. The first of many UIC construction projects to be completed, The Black Sheep decided to take this bad boy for a spin and let all of you know the deal. 

Can you walk on it?:
Fuck yeah, you can walk on it. Made out of some old school concrete and the perspiration harvested through the manual labor of construction workers, this beauty is ready for the test. 9/10 walkability.

How’s it look?:
Uh pretty damn good, honestly. This thing has yet to be marked up with Greek letters, and still doesn’t even have a dick drawn on it. As it stands now, this walkway is without a doubt the crown jewel of UIC. 10/10 on the looks.

Was it worth it?:
While we went back and forth on our feelings about the walk we made down UIC’s newest path, our team ultimately decided that the walk was worth the time. Sure the stroll didn’t bring us any closer to a specific destination, but the thrill of taking this son of a gun for a whirl for the first time won over our hearts big-time. 8/10 worth our time.

UIC’s newest sidewalk may be almost entirely pointless and a total waste of money, but it is 100% better than every other sidewalk to this point. Make sure to a take a walk on campus’ newest addition and thank administration for giving us this, rather than a decent Spark in the Park lineup.

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