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Illinois (Chicago)

UIC Snow D*** Drawing Turns Heads

On Tuesday February, 6 UIC junior art major Mike Wilson created a masterpiece on campus. With his finger as his paintbrush and the fortune cookie-looking-statue outside of SES as his canvas Wilson drew a penis and obtained awe from all who witnessed it.

“The art really comes from the girth over everything. The veins or shape of the head isn’t the most important part, contrary to popular belief,” Wilson told The Black Sheep. “I also take pride in the slight curve to the right. A real stroke of genius if you ask me.”

When questioned about his favorite part of the piece Wilson told The Black Sheep it was the balls. “The balls really tie the whole thing together. After all, what’s a dick without its balls? Just a noodle with a weird hat.”

Students and citizens came from near and far to take pictures and sneak a gander at Wilson’s penis.

“It’s really just such a masterpiece. The true message of the art really comes out when you turn it 180 degrees and get the artist’s POV, Jenna Wislock said. “It’s an honor to have this installation on our campus.”

Not all were in favor of the giant dick on outside of SES. Several students took to protest.

“This is just one dick too many,” Karen Hadre contested. “It’s always penis this, penis that. When are we going to start seeing vaginas drawn on campus landmarks? When is UIC finally going to promote pussy power? This is literally just a dick drawn in the fucking snow. There is nothing special about it.”

When The Black Sheep reached out to artist for further comment we were put on hold, as Wilson was seemingly busy speaking with the Art Institute and The Museum of Contemporary Art. Both of which were in a bidding war over his exhibit.


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