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UIC Sorority Girl Upset That No One Wants To Participate in Philanthropy Event

Becky Sanders of Gamma Upsilon Phi is upset over the lack of sales of her sorority’s philanthropy tickets. Their event, “Grillin’ With The Gamma Girls” is speculated to be the lowest-attended GUP event of the year.

“It’s like, crazy. I just, like, can’t believe that people aren’t, like, trying to help us raise funds for our chapter.” Sanders told The Black Sheep. “You know why people say UIC sucks? Because there’s, like, no sense of community. The people of UIC aren’t helping the problem by not supporting us!”

GUP’s event come on the heels of multiple other Greek life-sponsored events. “People pay $5 for these things all the time. I don’t, like, get it. Who wouldn’t want this amazing assortment of meats grilled up by the Gamma Girls?” Sanders said. “For just that small amount you can help us raise funds so that we can buy more GUP shirts and make more paddles.”

Sanders explained her frustration and expanded on some examples of previous fundraisers thrown by groups on campus:

“If you can, like, buy $5 tickets to mac n’ cheese fundraisers and unlimited pancakes I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to spend the money for our event. You must be really selfish not to help out. It’s not hard to walk into the Newman Center and get grilling with the Gammas!”

Mike Winter, a member of the Omicron Pi fraternity, commented on the situation, “Yeah, honestly I’m starting to run out of money for these things. It seems like there’s a new one every week and my dad only wires me so much money a month.” Winter explained. “Even if I had the money, these things are usually trash. I would rather spend my $5 on pitcher of PBR at 10 Doors than have some terribly-cooked meat from srat girls. They probably don’t even know proper marinating techniques.”

Sanders went on to tell The Black Sheep how the Gamma Girls planned to boost attendance, “We were thinking of doing a raffle there, too! Like, if you pay an extra $10 we’re giving away baskets with goodies.”

Some of these “goodies” offered included a UIC Flames scarf from the opening soccer game’s giveaway, body lotion from the Hilton where GUP threw their formal, and “I love the Gamma Girls” pins.

The Black Sheep last saw Becky Sanders furiously DMing frat guys while sitting in lecture asking if they were interested in tickets, and sharing Facebook posts promoting the event as she panicked to meet her chapter’s requirements for ticket sales.


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