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UIC Student in 4th Week of Midterms Struggling to Understand What Midterms Actually Are

Brad Zeller, a freshman at UIC, is experiencing mid-semester stress for the first time. Like many other students at UIC, Zeller is feeling the full effect of midterms and the crushing reality that is the mid-semester exam-heavy schedule. These days, Zeller spends much of his time behind the Richard J. Daley Library.


“This just doesn’t seem right” Zeller told The Black Sheep. “I’ve been studying for like a month and a half. It feels like I have a new paper or test going on every other day.”


Being in his first year, Zeller has not yet realized that testing season at UIC lasts longer than any season at the school.


“I’m pretty sure the soccer team completed a full season in the time it took me to finish all my exams. I still have one next week, too!” He exclaimed.

The freshman commented on the flexibility of syllabi and the leniency of professors when it comes to exams:


“I understand and am grateful that some professors here will push exams and due dates back, but frankly, it’s got me fucked up. My English 160 professor decided he’d be a chill dude and move our paper to next week, but that makes a conflict in my study schedule or two other exams. God forbid I do it early because I don’t have the time to even do it this week.” He said dragging a cigarette and coughing. “I don’t even smoke, I just heard it reduces stress and that’s all I’m looking for right now.”


The Black Sheep reached out to other students for comments on the matter:


Debbie Getz, a junior, said, “It’s just that time of the year. The leaves on your walk to BSB start changing colors, the Quad gets more and more empty every day, and you lock yourself on the 3rd floor of the library to study for you month and a half of exams. Fall at UIC hits you like a piece of debris falling off of UH and knocks ya straight out of your back-to-school bliss.”


“I don’t get it,” Zeller complained before heading back into the lib, “midterms should be at the middle of the semester. I understand two weeks of midterms, but five? They should just rename it to Test Season at the point.”

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