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UIC Student’s Dream of Super Wendy’s Thwarted by New Dorms

With the inevitable groundbreaking on a new dorm and Academic Services building on Harrison Street, UIC junior Greg Anderson confided in The Black Sheep the heartbreak he felt when he finally saw that the Super Wendy’s of his dreams would not come to fruition.

“It was a long shot, I know, but I think everyone at UIC wanted to see it. After they pried Wendy’s from our clutches last year everyone has secretly been waiting to see a reunion. I guess student housing is just more important.”

Holding back tears and uncomfortably passionate about his nuggets, Anderson spilled his heart out to The Black Sheep, swearing that everyone else at the university felt the same way.

“No one cares if students are comfortably housed or if the school is getting bigger. Growing numbers just mean more mouths to feed and the last thing that these kids want to eat is caf food. 4 for $4’s were for the people, man.”

The junior described the Wendy’s of his dreams that he thought was to be constructed.

“2 floors. All window-lit — natural light really helps the finished counters pop. There would be ten different stations to order from to minimize wait time and an underground tunnel that would connect straight to the UIC-Halsted Blue Line stop,” The hope in his voice faded, “but, I guess it’ll just be fucking dorms now.”

Anderson went on to name some additional students on campus who also backed the creation of a Super Wendy’s:

“The SFW, Students For Wendy’s, are a pretty solid group of people all fighting to get UIC back to tip-top shape it was in a year ago. Being partnered with them really helps to push the sails to continue to fight everyday for the sea-salt fries and Baconators.”

Students For Wendy’s had more to say on the matter, “We’ve been without Crispy Chicken Sandwiches for too long now. I haven’t seen a frosty in months. Watching this ground, which could have easily housed at lease five Wendy’s restaurants, be wasted is a true travesty,” an SFW spokesperson said. “It’s time for students to finally take what they deserve and fight for what they want.”

The SFW, along with Anderson, will continue to try their hardest to halt the construction of the new building. Vowing that they will get their nuggets or the university will feel the consequences.


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