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UIC Students Enjoy Fall Before Winter Crushes Morale

Jonathan Burns is a sophomore at UIC; now that he’s been around the block once, he’s an expert on all things happening at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Burns approached The Black Sheep this week to give his indisputable opinion on campus during the months of fall.


“Fall is without a doubt the best season to be on campus,” Burns said, pompously, “the trees around campus are stunning when their leaves start to change color. Really, though, the whole reason fall is the best here is because we’re all back at school. Going home when the dorms closed really sucked.”

Kevin Williams, a fifth-year senior, overheard Burns’ comment as he was walking by and stopped to give his opinion:

“Yeah, fall is for sure the best – but not ‘cause everyone comes back. Fall here is nice because you don’t absolutely hate your life until like week 10 when winter really starts setting in. You’ve got most of the semester to keep your grades up before seasonal depression kicks in. Campus isn’t frozen over yet and my walk to Busy Burger down Taylor is at least a little enjoyable.”


When pressed for their opinions on seasons other than fall, both students became despondent.

“Spring semester is the absolute worst,” Williams stated, shaking his head, “It’s cold and snowy for the beginning and it only becomes rainy and muddy. School gets out so early that it’s practically still winter in Chicago.”


Burns fired back, “No way, summer is the worst! All my friends are gone, it’s swelteringly hot, and nobody wants to take a summer class in this concrete jungle anyway. The only thing worse than Stevenson Hall during the school year is Stevenson Hall in the summer when the sweatbox only gets hotter!”

When asked how winter is in Chicago, Burns showed a look of fear for the inevitable and Williams resembled a man reminiscing on years of war, cycling through a bank of repressed memories of campus in the dead of winter. Fall seems to be the de facto best time to be at UIC – it’s not great, but at least it’s not winter yet.

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