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12 Things Only People from Normal Think are Normal

Every school has their own lifestyle. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept it. We love talking about how “Normal” we are, so here are some things that we only find normal because well, we live in Normal, Illinois.

12.) Barely there Greek life:
Your floormate that was all about her sorority freshman year has suddenly stopped posting barn dance and formal pictures this year, and there’s a good reason. We’ve seen a decline in Greek life due to most organizations landing themselves on probation and throwing a party to celebrate. This is fine because for the most part, we’re used to it. Dirty basement parties are even cooler when you’re not allowed to post about it.

11.) A fine selection of sushi from a taco place:
When your buddy says that they want to get food from La Bamba, anyone standing by would instantly think tacos. At ISU, we crave sushi when we hear La Bamba. You might think it’s a little sketchy, but it’s probably one of the best things that’s happened here. 

10.) Paying too much for coffee after working out:
We ask ourselves this every single year: WHY is there a Starbucks in the gym? We miss Jamba Juice every day. Instead of working off those extra calories for a shake, stack back up with a sugary drink you paid way too much for only to shit your pants 15 minutes later.

9.) Being drunk on a Wednesday:
HUMP DAY! Going to Pub on a Wednesday is a staple, and by 11 all of your friends are already waiting in line instead of being in anthro. This isn’t the only day you can get drunk, but we have to admit it’s one of the best.

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8.) Taking a bus to U of I on a Monday:
Mondays are dead, so why not leave campus and go to the next best thing? ISU has an age limit at their bars, so the best way to relieve temptation is to go over to U of I and annoy everyone. UIUC kids say they hate us, but they’re still out and ready to hang with us.

7.) Elementary schools on campus:
It’s hard to be a sloppy college student when you consider that we have an elementary school and a high school on our campus. It’s normal to see a 10 year-old walking on our campus because they basically go here too.

6.) Getting drunk for under $5:
The real world’s going to be a culture shock for us because of how used to cheap drinks we are. We can go out with a fiver in our pocket and come back out of the bar hammered. This is normal for Normal, but the second we get back to Chicago our entire refund checks will be gone.

5.) Being despised by every school in Illinois:
For some reason, everyone hates us. We’re not totally sure why, but we think it’s because we’re just naturally cooler. Other public universities have nothing on us. We have birds, booze, and a train station that’s less than 5 miles away. What more could you want in a functioning public university?!

4.) Drinking Natty Light by choice:
“Who even drinks Natty Lights anymore?” Well, for one, Brad, we do okay? Quick and cheap, that’s how we like to get drunk. We’re well aware that it’s not 2005 anymore, but our bank accounts want to get us to 2019 so we have to do whatever it takes.

3.) Raw-ass nuns:
If you’re lucky, you’ve seen one cool-ass nun playing frisbee on the Quad. She. is. AWESOME, and makes the Quad 10 times more fun. If you ever see her, feel free to say hey and throw the frisbee around.

2.) A whole lotta Brads:
This is a state school in central Illinois, so it’s no surprise that there are more Brads and Chads than there are grads. You get used to it after a while and learn how to deflect these dudes. Just tell them you’re not in a sorority and they’ll move on to the next girl.

1.) Environmental WOKENESS:
There’s only one thing we care more about than drinking, and that’s the environment. We love trees and we love the Earth. Sure we care about our grades, but if we see someone littering outside, forget about class.

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