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5 of the Best Places to Drop if ISU Were a Fortnite Map

It isn’t some new drug, or new way of shoving a funnel inside of you with alcohol. Nah bitch, it’s Fortnite, and it’s been exploding across ISU harder than your bowels experiencing undercooked Watterson pot stickers for the first time. Here are the best places to drop around here:

5.) Tri Towers:
If Fortnite tilted towers are anything to go by, then our signature sky trifocal towers are a loot paradise. Be careful of getting swarmed on the way down to all of those fat stacks. Maybe there are some pistols hidden among the popcorn chicken in the dining hall. The Mongolian Grill is a treasure all its own, and there’s definitely gotta be a chest hiding back there.

4.) The not so Lonely Lodge:
“The Lodge” may not be as isolated and lonely as its Fortnite counterpart, but it still can be an underrated stealth spot for people to drop. The place is expensive, so that will keep most of the common riff-raff away. Grab your loot and take on the rest of the town. Maybe get some friends too so you aren’t a big loner nerd.

3.) The wailing woods Milner stacks maze:
What does Milner have in common with the wailing woods? Well they both make you want to shout out in pain. Milner has a pavlovian response among many ISU students who associate the place with late night studying, while the Fortnite counterpart has an equal response for its lack of loot. The stacks can make a nice hiding spot among their maze like corridors.

2.) Retail uptown row:
Another hot drop spot for when you’re looking for a fast and loose game. The uptown retail row has everything you could look for in Fortnite. Drunk food, multilevel bars, and who knows what kind of good, secret loot Pub II is hiding behind their bar. Perhaps a secret Jake from State Farm cannon? Rocket ride that bitch and State Farm will cover the ensuing insurance damages.

1.) Haunted Williams Hill:
A spooky detour for those bold enough to pursue it, and a more lowkey start that fewer players and students will venture into. Not only will you have to compete with the one or two scavengers who drop with you there, but you have to gamble on the ghost of Williams Hall not building a trap into a room just to fuck with you. At least if you get spooked there’s always the pleasant park of the Quad right next door.

Hunt or be hunted. Hide or be found, unless you’re one of the bush using cowards. No matter the choice, know that somebody in a John Wick skin will probably kill your ass and win the game instead of you.

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