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5 ISU People We Know and Love Who Don’t Even Go Here

Now that the weather is FINALLY getting warm again, we get to see some of our favorite non-ISU characters emerge and take over small parts of the Quad. Here are 5 of those people that ISU students can never seem to get enough of.

5.) Brother Jed:
Maybe “love” isn’t exactly the right word here. Brother Jed is one of those old men who goes to college campuses and tells everyone they’re going to Hell because they don’t believe in God like he does. He’s usually accompanied by his disciple Mikhail, who does all the talking. While we don’t necessarily like him, it’s still fun to watch Brother Jed and Mikhail preach to a crowd that probably wouldn’t follow them, even if they all were religious.

4.) Cannabis Cures Cancer guy:
Real name Gregg Brown, he’s a noticeable fixture around the Quad due to his long, white hair. Oh, and he always has a sign that reads “Cannabis Cures Cancer”. We love Gregg, often engaging in very enjoyable conversations with him, taking pictures, and overall just enjoy a peaceful time with him. He also gives out free CDs, which, according to some, are actually pretty good? Hmmmm.

3.) Frisbee Nun:
No, you didn’t misread that. A nun that plays frisbee. What’s more fun than just hanging on the Quad, playing frisbee with a nun? Spoiler alert: NOTHING. Her friendliness definitely helps her connect with the students, and her fun loving attitude just makes it an all around good time.

2.) Jesus dudes:
No one likes being told they’re going to Hell. This much is true. But being told you’re going to Hell while you’re on your way to class? Totally uncalled for. Enter the Jesus dudes. For the uninformed, these guys are sort of like Brother Jed and his family, but also have some hints of Westboro Baptist Church, calling the girls whores and reminding us that drinking is a sin. Because if anything will get us to follow them, it’s being insulted, right?

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1.) Anyone that offers you something free:
It seems like every day there’s someone on the Quad handing out donuts or a free t-shirt. Do students have a problem with it? Of course not. Any item is worthwhile if it’s free. We welcome free condoms from the G-spot, free Portillo’s hot dogs, and free pizza. You can never wrong with free pizza.

We love everybody that comes by our great campus. Unless they’re from Eastern Illinois. We don’t want you’re failing asses here unless we’re kicking those asses in sports.

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