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5 Places That Could Come to the Illinois State Student Center

With the ISU Bone Student Center undergoing a “Revitalization,” It’s likely that some of our favorite restaurants will get replaced or moved to different location, allowing new choices to add to the building. Here are just a few that could potentially replace the now gone Einstein’s Bagels.

5.) Starbucks:
Going for an obvious choice here, this admittedly makes the least sense, as there is already a Starbucks at the Student Fitness Center. However, it is possible they take the Starbucks out of the Fitness Center and put something new in there, while Starbucks takes up residence in the Student Center, and have something more logical take its place.

4.) Smoothie King:
ISU students are still reeling from Jamba Juice being pried from our cold, dead, tuition paying hands. We still question why they replaced it with Starbucks, and why they put a Starbucks in a place we all go to workout. Well, with Student Center undergoing massive changes, there’s now an opportunity to get a smoothie focused stand back on campus. Most people would probably just want Jamba Juice back, but baby steps first.

3.) Subway:
A student favorite, Subway is everyone’s favorite while they live in the dorms, since there’s one in the lobby of every dorm. But that’s just the thing. Some people are too OLD for the dorms, and don’t want to have to trouble themselves by going all the way to there and have to walk through them to just order a sandwich and leave. They’re all also way out of the way. Putting one in the Bone would give everyone equal access to it and thus raise its popularity even higher than it already is.

2.) Jamba Juice:
As mentioned earlier, ISU students are still reeling from Jamba Juice being snatched away from us. It’s time for the second coming. The students have made it known that they want Jamba Juice back, and we won’t have anything else. We are, after all, paying to be here, so we should AT LEAST have a say in what we’re getting.

1.) Nothing changes:
The most realistic option of any of these, nothing will change until AFTER the revitalization, unfortunately for all of us ISU students. We’ll get nothing new for the new school year and it will stay that way for a long while.

Sure, we may not get anything new quite yet, but the Bone Revitalization could open the doors for endless additions to our beloved Student Center. So who knows what the future holds for everyone’s favorite on campus hangout at Illinois State.

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