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5 Reasons You Should Become a BloNo Townie This Summer

Making fun of townies is usually really fun. But if you’re living on Illinois State’s campus this summer, you’ll slowly find out that you’re the butt of the joke. There really is no shame in this, I mean, everyone’s a townie somewhere. Rather than spewing out negative opinions, lets embrace all the great qualities this town has to offer.

5.) The strange amount of community pools:
For whatever reason, BloNo is filled with community pools. This is awesome while the elementary schools are still in session for the next few weeks because the pools are completely empty. Nothing is better than sneaking in a few alcoholic beverages and spending the day basking in the warm Central Illinois air. And the best part? The Lodge pool is still open and available to enjoy without all the gross diseases you can catch during the school year.

4.) Job opportunities everywhere:
As students go back to their hometowns, businesses panic at the thought of having no employees. Tired of stocking shelves at the local Jewel for the fourth summer in a row? I know they promised you that 15 cent raise but staying on campus for the summer will have business owners will be practically begging you to work for them. You can spend all your hard-earned cash on things like drunk DP Dough and Insomnia Cookies.

3.) The Rec is empty AF:
Working on your summer bod can be a whole lot easier when the gym is deserted. No intimidating douchebags hogging up all the weights, no sorority girls gossiping on the treadmills, and no intense track stars triple lapping you on the track. Summer at the Rec makes for a perfect time to get “yolked” with the bros.

2.) Finally trying all hundreds of restaurants in BloNo:
If working out really isn’t your thing, you can always exercise your jaw this summer. If you’re familiar with the BloNo area, you’ll know that there is an excessive number of restaurants and fast food chains. Being broke during the school year will restrict this idea, but summer is the prime opportunity to try every single one of the restaurants BloNo has to offer.

1.) Pub Wednesday:
Finally, Pub Wednesdays won’t have that two-hour long line to wait in just to eat cheese balls and get drunk off $5 beer pitchers. Pub Wednesday pulls a total 180 in the summer as it goes from a hot, sticky college bar to a fun place to take your parents. Going to Pub during the summer is the epitome of a townie lifestyle.

Surely the townie life will get boring after some time, so you’ll find yourself counting down the days until your delinquent friends come back to this place and dominate it again. Keeping these tendencies might be useful as you head into this next school year or worse: The Real World. Yikes.


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