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6 Days that Should Be Official ISU Drinking Holidays

If there’s one thing we love to do here, it’s drink. Our love for booze really makes you wonder why we don’t have more drinking events. Here are 6 drinking events that should definitely become a thing in the next year:

6.) Drifters Saturdays:
Dartying is fun and all, but until you’ve been to Drifters during a regular Saturday, you truly haven’t lived. With these huge windows and amazing pitcher deals, you’re bound to be drunk in less than an hour. That, and their bathrooms aren’t completely disgusting like most other bars, which is saying a lot!

5.) Maggie’s Sundays:
Another weekend bar hit is Maggie’s on a Sunday. Did you know they had deals on Sundays? We didn’t either. Most people stay away from bars on a day as holy as this, but you’d be surprised by the gems that alcoholism can lead you to sometimes.

4.) Unofficial Valentine’s Day:
UIUC has Unofficial St. Patty’s day, SIU has their Unofficial Halloween, so why not an Unofficial Valentine’s Day? The majority of ISU has failed at love and our school colors are already red, so why not aggressively drink our sorrows away?

3.) Young America Lease signing tailgates:
Tired of waiting in line to sign your lease for next year? We’re tailgating October 1 every year! The parking lot next to Young America would be the perfect spot, and wait times will diminish because no one will be able to remember how long they’ve actually been waiting. The only problem that may rise is someone signing for the wrong building, but that’s w/e.

2.) Drinking competitions with Wesleyan:

More often than not do we forget we have an entire university literally down the street. We share our bar life with them, so why not settle who the better drinker is? We should host drinking games with Wesleyan every year so that we can settle who the better school is – bucket chug, bitches.

1.) Constitution Trail crawl:
Need to get ripped while getting lit? Perfect opportunity for a Constitution Trail Crawl! This outdoors experience would feature houses and apartments along the trail where people can just drink their worries away, then go for a nice little jog.

The best things start unexpectedly… or after you read an article from The Black Sheep. Regardless, let’s go out this weekend and get drunk for as little money as possible!


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