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6 Exotic Illinois Cities to Visit this Spring Break

It’s finally spring break and all of your friends have awesome trips planned out. You on the other hand, spent your entire refund check at Pub and have $5 to your name. You’ve always wanted to go to Europe but you can’t leave the state, so here are 6 exotic Illinois cities that are perfect for a culture filled spring break.

6.) Paris, IL:
Are you jealous of your friend Amber for being abroad this semester? No worries! We have our own Paris right here in Illinois. Instead of croissants you may be delighted to eat some delicious midwestern corndogs. This is the most delicate form of cuisine we have to offer in the Great Plains.

5.) Cairo, IL:
The pyramids are way to complicated to navigate so just head on over to Cairo, IL for a local Egyptian feel. It may not be hot like Egypt because of our extended midwestern winter, but at least you’ll have the Snapchat filter to trick your friends. 10 points if you watch The Mummy here.

3.) Sparta, IL:
Greece is a premiere destination for spring breakers who get a little extra help from their parents. If you can’t afford Greece (which is 99.1% of us), we have a Sparta here too. Gear up for an awesome trip like a real warrior. This might be the only place you can get away with wearing cheesy sandals, just like the Spartans did!

2.) Harvard, IL:
So we know Northwestern is the Harvard of the midwest, but did you know there is an actual Harvard of the midwest? All your friends who said ISU kids are dumb can stick it cause you’re going to law school over break! They don’t have to know it’s a small town. Just say you’re taking a course here and you’ll get instant babe points.

1.) London Hills, IL:
Ever want to go to London? You guessed it, we have one too. Get the full abroad experience. Take a picture by a clock and a phone booth and your friends won’t know the difference.

Spring break can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Here in Illinois we have more than just a great Windy City. We have character, and for some reason a lot of cities whose names make them sound a lot more interesting than they are.

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