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6 Missed Penalties that Would Have Won ISU the Championship

Great game, Redbirds. You did Illinois State proud. No one who watched the 29-27 loss on January 10th could possibly argue otherwise.



And we’re not bitter, either! Nope, not us.  But…




…Those refs, man. A lot of missed calls. So many missed calls. Calls that, had they gone the other way, would have brought an NCAA Championship back to Normal. For your viewing displeasure, the five most egregious missed calls of the game:


Too Many Men on the Field:

An easy miss by the refs here, even if they didn’t catch the guy disguised in camouflage. No wonder all the Bisons on the field look so happy, they pulled one over on the zebras and totally got away with it.


Intimidating an Official:

Well, maybe this is why the refs refused to call anything. Look at that guy jumping, you can read his body language, “You cost us the game, you punk bitch ref, and I will f***ing kill you.” The entire NDSU team should have been ejected.


Face Farting:

Ever since Rocky Fullsworth farted in the face of Percy Runthold in the 1932 NCAA Championship Game, Face Farting has been a little-known, rarely-enforced rule on the college football field. It’s only called in the most egregious situations, but if this Face Farting doesn’t merit a 15-yard penalty, we don’t know what would.


Cheat Sheet:

It even has the world “cheat” in the name! How did the officiating team screw this one up? Look at the quarterback’s wrist! It’s right there, ref! Throw a freakin’ flag—if this dude has answers to all the questions, then no wonder he’s going to ace this quiz game.


Sexual Harassment:

Maybe it’s not against the rules in football, but if it’s against the law, it should be illegal on the football field. Someone ask Tre Roberson if he asked for this guy to grab his ass. If Roberson didn’t, then not only should that creep end up in the slammer, NDSU should have to retroactively forfeit the game.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Flight):

The NCAA does its best to enforce a level playing field, which is why ISU and NDSU play in the FCS and not the FBS. But, here we are with Carson Wentz literally flying around the field, both feet off the ground. Uh, does that seem fair to anyone else?


Though we doubt that the corrupt fat cats at the NCAA—obviously in the pocket of Big Dakota—are going to decide to hand the trophy over to us Redbirds, we think there’s plenty of evidence to suggest they should. Either way, great season, Redbirds.

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