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These 6 Places at Illinois State Would Be Perfect For Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Fantasy

Yes, admit it: you’ve imagined yourself on The Bachelor/Bachelorette before. There’s no shame in letting it out. We all know you’ve imagined going on every date, and handing out roses at the end of the episodes.

Well, if you still want to live out that fantasy, and lucked in to attending Illinois State, here are six spots that would be perfect for your fantasy.

6.) The quad:

You may be asking, “but where on the quad?” That’s the beauty of the quad; Any spot is a good spot. Of course, there are certain spots that are better than others, like the steps at Cook Hall or maybe Schroeder Plaza, there’s no denying that any place on the quad is a good place for your rose ceremony.

5.) That little outside area at the Hall of Business:

Maybe you want this for your finale instead of your rose ceremony. That’s all fine and dandy, since it’s your fantasy. If you’re doing this during the day, hope you’re okay with a bunch of people passing by and looking at you like you’re some sort of freak trying to act out a fantasy no one else knows about.

4.) The Stage inside the Center for Performing Arts:

This one should be a lock for all of your rose ceremonies. It has the perfect set up; The stage is large enough to fit all of the contestants you’d want and enough seats for everyone at the school to fit and watch it live. You’d be a damn fool to not use it at least once.

3.) Uptown Normal:

Once you start narrowing down the list of potential partners, you start to finally go one-on-one with them. As a college student, you probably just want to go get drunk with your date. The perfect place to do that? Uptown Normal, thanks to the plethora of bars in and near the area so you and your date(s) can just go bar hopping if need be. Not to mention uptown circle for your finale!

2.) Redbird Arena:

With Redbird basketball being one of, if not the hottest tickets in town, it only makes sense to bring your dating fantasy down to a game. You and your date(s) can just sit down and cheer on your Redbirds basketball team, enjoying your time together as you try desperately to keep this fantasy going without it being weird.

1.) Football game:

If you didn’t think this would be number one, you clearly aren’t a fun person. You’d have a huge crowd, you can just be a regular college student (which DOES have its perks), and it’s just overall the perfect date idea for ISU students. Plus, much like a basketball game, you’d get to rock with the student section, and that is NEVER a bad time. Not to mention midfield could serve as the location for your finale.

No matter who gets the final rose, you’re still the winner, because you go to the greatest school in all of Illinois. Go Birds!

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