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6 Signs These Frat Boys Are Ready For Homecoming

ISU Homecoming is fast approaching. It’s a time when everyone gets to see some old friends and reconnect, experience traditions of the school, and generally a feel good time. But who has the best time? Greek life, that’s who. Here’s how you know:

5.) Unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts:
Even though this is a year round thing, homecoming season is usually around the time when basketball jerseys are swapped out for the classic unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts. It’s up to you though on whether or not they pull it off better than your grandfather on vacation.

4.) Enough Keystone/Busch to fill a pool:
Homecoming means huge parties, and huge parties mean drunk bois. Frat bros go in with enough Keystone or Busch to easily fill a pool.

3.) The last of the darties:
It’s fall, and so the weather is changing faster than the lines move at Watty for popcorn chicken. Luckily, it’s still just warm enough for you and your Delta bros to put on some khaki shorts and roll around in the grass for a couple more weeks.

2.) Empty beer cans all over someone’s lawn:
You wake up Sunday morning, maybe hungover, maybe not, and see you had to spend the night. As you go to leave, you walk out the front door and are greeted by a metric fuckton of beer cans and bottles from the night before.

1.) There’s only one party. And it’s huge:
Like, really big. Maybe not Gatsby big, but BIG.  Pregame at Pub, Drifters, or wherever you choose to go out, hit up the party for a bit, then leave. Simple as that.

Lucky for all non-Greek students, life returns to normal after Homecoming. But then finals hits pretty soon after. Then it all goes down hill as the semester ends.

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