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6 Things to Do Instead of Wasting Away in Milner Next Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: finals season! Ya know, the only time during the semester where you can go to the library and see people crying over their laptops. This is the time where we all go on a the conquest to get our teacher to round our sad 67 to a 90. Studying can be tough, so it’s only a given that we want to procrastinate the shit out of this week. Here are some things you can do instead lurking around Milner like a zombie surviving off of only Jimmy John’s and Cheeto dust:

6.) Catch up on all the sleep you lost not studying:
ISU students care about 3 things: sleep, good grades, and Watty’s popcorn chicken. They say getting a good night’s sleep helps improve your learning ability, so sleep the week away! You’re bound to feel completely replenished and your learning abilities will skyrocket just in time for you to learn a semester’s worth of Spanish for finals.

5.) Last minute road trip:
It’s likely that you haven’t seen your hometown friends since spring break, so the weekend before finals would be a perfect time to pay them a visit. Take a road trip to Iowa or somewhere out of state. Even Bradley will do, as long as you’re away from Club Milner for the weekend.

4.) Exercise? Sure, why not?:
Dare to be different. Break out of the norms. ISU has the beautiful Constitution Trail for you to take an adventure on. The fitness center is open seven days a week. So many buildings where students live have fitness centers. Basically, you can go get gains instead of getting grades. Let’s be real though, who goes on walks anymore?

3.) Stuff your fat face with cheese balls and beer all day:
Some people will go dry for finals as a way to focus. Others will carry on as usual so as to not go against the grain. Some will take drastic measures, though, and treat everyday as Pub Wednesday in attempt to stay calm and relive syllabus week when things were easy. Credit where credit is due though; if you can do this, you are a true warrior who should not be crossed.

2.) Crawl into a Wikipedia rabbit hole:
We don’t have everything you’re looking for here, and we get that. Venture far enough into a Google search and you’ll find plenty of ways to avoid finals. Either that or you’ll find all the things you could have learned while studying. But come on, you came here to see the ideas WE had, so this should really only be a last resort.

1.) Accept your fate and gear up for your fifth year:
Sometimes you try your best and still don’t do great. That’s okay. So why not just accept your fate and go with your normal flow? It’ll at least keep you from freaking out over finals, and you can just darty the week away with your friends who chose to take this route with you.

Sure, you should probably be preparing for finals instead of avoiding them, but where’s the fun in that?

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