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6 Things to Do While You Wait for Your JoyRun Delivery

You are the epitome of college: lazy and HUNGRY. So what do you do? Instead of making your way to the local dining centers, you order a JoyRun delivery. So, here are 6 things you can do while you wait for your grub instead of being an actual adult who feeds themselves.

6.) Finish a pitcher yourself at Pub:
You’ll probably have enough time to run to Pub to have a pitcher and catch up with some friends. Who knows, you might even see your delivery guy doing the same thing instead of bringing you food.

5.) Run up the stairs at Watterson TWICE:
What’s better than not having to go and get food for yourself? Running up 24 flights of stairs twice! Halfway through the stairs you’ll realize that you could have used all this energy to get food yourself instead of relying on delivery drivers.

4.) Wait for ReggieNet to load:
This will kill most of your wait time for that pickle and milkshake you ordered from Potbelly. You might have an important assignment due, but that doesn’t matter; as long as you get your Taco Bell delivered.

3.) Actually attend your night class for once:
Three hours of class is a drag, but waiting 3 hours for food that’s probably already cold is worse. You might as well go to your night class at this point. It might make the wait time feel shorter, and maybe you’ll learn something if you’re not on your phone tracking your driver the whole time.

2.) Order from Jimmy John’s:
It’s freaky fast for God sakes. Why didn’t you order this in the first place?

1.) Find all Quizlets you’ll need for the rest of the semester:
Since you have some extra time on your hands, stock up on Quizlets for all your classes this semester. It’s the best feeling to know that you probably never have to go to class because you’re going to rely on 50 terms on a shady website. Yay Quizlet!

15 minutes is a long fucking time, you’ve got to occupy your hands in SOME way. And hey, masturbating gets boring sometimes, amirite?

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