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7 Easy Ways to Get Drunk this Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming weekend has arrived and you know what that means; Drunk Redbirds everywhere. The only thing more fun than drinking, is drinking while playing games. Circle of Death is cool and all, but if you and your friends get tired of playing the same old drinking games, here’s some new ideas to try out:

7.) Drink every time you see a Subway:
Whether you’re near uptown, Tri or Watty, you’re guaranteed to pass a Subway. Hopefully the thought of another footlong sandwich doesn’t make you puke your drink back up before the game even gets good.

6.) Drink whenever you pass a construction site/construction cone:
You’ll get drunk in no time with this game, because there’s literally construction happening around every corner of ISU. You can just walk around the entire Bone Student Center and finish a whole bottle. You can take another swig for every cone you see in the parking spots by Watty. Then swing around to the Alamo and take a drink there.

5.) Drink every time you pass a drunk person on Fell St.:
Go ahead and take a drink for every person you see zig-zagging across the sidewalk or puking in the grass. You’re guaranteed to get drunk by the time you make it to Beauford. You’ll probably end up drinking along with every step you take, and soon enough you’ll be one of the drunk people walking on Fell.

4.) Drink for every ISU PD car you see outside of Daddios:
Whenever you see those police lights flashing, take a drink. If you get spotted by an officer, add a challenge to the game by taking your drink while running. Try this game in downtown Bloomington and you’ll definitely win.

3.) Drink every time you see a person risk their life on College Ave.:
If you drive on campus during any part of the day, you know Redbirds don’t care about walking in front of cars. They don’t need a stop sign or a walk way to slow down that speeding car they just cut off, because they’re invincible. Well Redbirds are even more reckless when drunk, they’ll run full speed across a busy street with friends playing their own game of “dodge the cars”. Pour a shot in your mouth for these reckless mofos.

2.) Drink every time you see a rabbit/squirrel on the Quad:
If you’re day drinking you can drink for every squirrel you see galloping across campus. If it’s dark out do the same, but drink for every rabbit you see. Go to the Quad if you want to play this game, since it’s their not so secret meeting spot.

1.) Drink every time you find a missing ID around campus:
Every time you find a missing ID on the ground, take a drink. You can also drink for every post in Facebook groups asking about these fallen licenses. Drunk Redbirds leave their IDs everywhere so it should be easy to play. Oh, and if you lost your own, you should probably drink twice.

Have fun with these new drinking games and get as creative as you want. The more Redbirds that join in for this fun, the more drinks everyone will end up taking. So get your group of friends together and start playing. Happy Homecoming!

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