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7 Notorious Things All ISU Sorority Girls Are Guilty Of

 Everyone loves a sorority girl. Well maybe not… but no matter how hard you try it’s highly unlikely that you won’t run into at least one of your typical ISU sorostitutes. Here are seven things every ISU sorority girl is guilty of.

7.) You Push All the Tables Together At Watty:
On any given day an ISU sorority will roll in 25 girls deep at Watterson dining. Despite the fact that you’re all wearing the same pastel spirit jersey with last night’s makeup, the most annoying part is that you push together at least five tables. Who really gives a shit about all of the other students that wanted to sit down to eat, anyway?

6.) You Wear the Same March Madness Leggings Everyday:
While it’s great and all that you participated in a philanthropy, re-wearing the same glossy costume leggings at least three nights a week is a bit much. C’mon.

5.) You Create a Weekly Chasers Group Text:
It’s not even noon and you’re getting through the day solely based on the promise that you’ll get fucked up in the sweaty ass basement of Chasers. Despite the fact that you already belong to 8,394 group messages you feel the need to make just one more. The weekly “who’s all going to Chasers tonight” group message is what you look forward to all week.

4.) You Have a Collection of All the Dead Frat Shirts:

Everyone knows that Greek life is absolute shit at ISU considering the fact that there are five sororities to every half of a fraternity. This really isn’t that big of a deal, however, because you really only care about who can acquire the most shacker shirts before a fraternity gets kicked off.

3.) You Show Up to The Lodge Just to Take Pictures:

Much like most of the people who come to The Lodge, you don’t actually live here. This applies to the younger sorority girls because we all know The Lodge is Greek central, but that is entirely besides the point. There is nothing like a group of slutty 17-year-olds planning photoshoots up against a brick wall just so they can tag their location as “The Lodge” and boost their self esteem and Instagram followers simultaneously. 

2.) You Plan All of Your Classes Together Because You Can’t Sit Alone:

It is no coincidence when you see about 15 girls from the same sorority in the same Gen Eds at Schroeder. The best is that if you go on Yik Yak at any point of the day you’ll see at least four “I saw a sorority girl almost cry today because she couldn’t find a seat next to her friend to take the Geo test.”

1.) You’ve Eaten Shit On The PiKapp Stairs

There is nothing ISU sorority girls are more notorious for than completely eating shit on the stairs at PiKapp. If you’ve ever stepped foot at the PiKapp house even for a minute, you will have witnessed at least 10 girls get their shit wrecked by the wet ass stairs of the PiKapp house. Is it the stairs, or is it the 12-inch try hard heels you felt the need to wear to a fraternity basement?

While every school has different sororities with different qualities we at The Black Sheep can assure you that nearly every ISU sorority girl can identify with the things on this list. Honestly, half the things they do don’t make any fucking sense, but we might as well let them do whatever they want since they are the only form of Greek life we actually have on this campus.

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