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7 Times You Felt 1000% Ripped Off by ISU

Tuition is so, so, so, so, so, so  much money, it makes us wonder why ISU tends to charge us for a bunch of other extra shit, right? Whether it be parking tickets or random renovations, ISU’s primary source of money are the people who seek its help the most: the students. Here are seven times you felt like ISU not only stole all your money, but also the clothes off of your back and your dignity: 

7.) Health Insurance that you probably didn’t even know you had:
A lot of people don’t have health insurance, but if your parents still love you enough to insure you it can be really surprising to find out that you’ve been charged almost $300 a semester for the one time you had a hangover that you couldn’t control. Thankfully, ISU has realized that people are catching up to this rip off, so now you can cancel your health insurance (so long as it’s in their strict time period). If you don’t cancel your insurance by the second week of school, you’re stuck with a plan you probably won’t ever use.

6.) A buttload of parking tickets:
One of the shittiest things to happen to campus was the stripping of a perfectly useful Green Lot to be given to the faculty. Seriously? The faculty already has some pretty spacious lots, they don’t need any fucking more. Now we’re just leaving our cars wherever they fit, which is always followed with windshields full of parking tickets. These tickets aren’t that expensive, but they can sure pile up and prevent someone from graduating 2 years later — bummer.

5.) The renovation literally no one asked for:
Half of us can’t even pay to change our bed sheets in the middle of the year, so how are we expected to pay for the Bone Renovation? They try to be slick by stacking it in our tuition statement, but we found it! It’s kind of a slap in the face considering half of us won’t even be here to see this renovation. Guess we have some kind of bragging rights for when we’re older and we come back to visit. We can tell our kids we paid for the new Starbucks! Awww.

4.) Graduation fees, because not only does it cost you to stay here it’ll cost you to leave too:
This is ISU’s little way of kicking you on your ass once you’re in the real world. After four long years of pulling your tuition money from thin air, you’re expected to pay a fee just to see if you can even graduation in the first place. As if! It may not be much of a fee but at this point, ISU should be paying you for upping their graduation rate so that they can use this data to lure in more potential freshmen.

3.) The famous two dining centers:
If you have a meal plan, this probably won’t apply to you, but the Dining Center is a rip off! If you’re far from your apartment, hungry, and feel like stopping for some popcorn chicken, think again. Kiss Alexander Hamilton goodbye, because it’s a whole $10 for admission. If you’re going to pay that much for over-fried food just to see everyone you’ve ever been in class with, you might as well go to Chipotle and pay for extra guac.

2.) Keeping ISU cleaner than it already is.
This is a valid expense, but we think ISU is charging us a litttttttttle too much just to keep the campus “clean”. We’re a little sloppy, but it seems unfair to charge each student a couple hundred dollars to sweep up Subway crumbs.

1.) Buying books from Barnes & Noble:
Classic freshmen mistake. NEVER buy a book from Barnes & Noble unless your parents are literal millionaires. It’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll be ripped off and feel like a hollowed out shell when you dish out over $100 for a book you’ll only open twice. Stick to Chegg, they’ll really help your wallet flourish.

The next time you pay your tuition, really think about what you’re paying for. It may surprise you how much money ISU is ripping out of your wallet for things that you don’t even know you’re paying for. At this point, you probably own at least one Subway.

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