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7 Ways People Pronounce Schroeder And None Of Them Are Right

Of the all traditions that come with a new school year and new noobs, everyone’s favorite is how many freshmen and/or transfer students pronounce “Schroeder Hall.” It’s SHRAY-DER. We know, it’s confusing, but if you were paying any attention during your tour you’d know THAT’S how you say it. Not any of the following seven ways that completely and totally wrong:

7.) Shrow-der:
The go-to, because that’s what it looks like. There’s absolutely no harm in getting it wrong the first time or two. We all make mistakes, but if you still get it wrong after the first week of classes you’re kicked out of ISU. Go to U of I or something because you’re not wanted here if you’re making rookie mistakes like that.

6.) Scrill-lex:
Remember Skrillex? Remember all the hate he got because he went from metal to dubstep and people actually liked him after the switch? Well now people pronounce the name of the building in his honor and to keep his dying legacy alive.

5.) Shrow-dinger:
It is both shrow-der and shray-der and neither of them at the same time. You know, like Schrödinger’s cat?

4.) Scold-ing:
Growing up with parents who would yell at you for no reason sucks. You’re getting yelled at for trying to be a kid. Somehow, it’s made its way to ISU and now people are trying to pronounce it this way and it could not be more hilarious.

3.) Shred-er:
Yes, like the arch nemesis of the Ninja Turtles. That’s definitely how you’re supposed to pronounce it. Definitely.

2.) Shan-ty:
Sailors used to just make up their own songs while on the sea. Now that style is forever immortalized as one of the pronunciation styles at one of Illinois State’s most famous buildings.

1.) Sub-way:
A favorite among students on campus for a variety of reasons. They’re open late, and freshmen make use of those big-ass cups to sneak booze into dorms. It’s definitely the most confusing pronunciation ever seen, but in these times, what isn’t confusing?

Sure, there are plenty more ways to pronounce the building’s name, but these are abhorrently wrong and must be stopped.

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