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9 of the Dumbest Things Your Friend Has Done at Pub

We all have that one friend who instantly makes us regret ever deciding to go out with them. They might be super embarrassing, but the night wouldn’t be nearly as fun or entertaining without them. 

9.) Drunk drove on the racing machines:
Obviously, real drunk driving isn’t cool but there’s no law against this, just the embarrassment of bringing a 5-year-old into the bar with you. Your best bet is to just slowly walk away and pretend like you have no idea who that person is who just got their head stuck in the steering wheel.

8.) Played Dominoes with the tables:
People bump into a lot of things when they go to the bar, but it’s not often you see someone knock four tables in a row over. The clean up is the worst so you better believe you didn’t see it and you don’t know your friend.

7.) Hijacked the DJ stand:
In their defense, the DJ wasn’t doing great. No one likes a dead party where no one’s dancing, so they took it upon themselves to knock down the DJ and play “Bodak Yellow”. Obviously the bar became way livelier, but the cops were also called. Ugh.

6.) Threw a cheeseball at that really big guy standing across the bar:
This obviously didn’t end well, but the most disappointing part was a wasted cheeseball. How does one just willingly throw around those little balls of heaven?

5.) Made out with that old guy:
Despite being completely grossed out and fighting back puke, you’d still have to be a good friend and grab her off of him before tongue gets involved.

4.) Stole someone’s full margarita pitcher off the bar:
Free drinks are great right? Unless you have an angry guy chasing you around the bar yelling for their margarita pitcher back, while your friend chugs it.

3.) Stood on a chair and flashed everyone:
The only solution to this problem is to apologize to security and tell them she’s had 10 too many margaritas.

2.) Snuck their dog in through the back fence:
If you’re about to leave and your dog was staring at you with those huge puppy eyes and crying what would you do? Any sane person might answer something along the lines of staying home, or giving the dog a treat before leaving, but your friends aren’t sane. Their solution would be to bring the dog along and have him take shots with you until you find him flirting with the bartender.

1.) Puked on someone’s back then ran off before they noticed:
This was the moment you’d swear your friend should’ve been an actor after watching how disgusted they looked with everyone else who discovered puke dripping down the person’s shirt.

Obviously all of these resulted in being kicked out of the bar and at this point, completely banned from the Pub in general, so now they wear different wigs to sneak in and cause more chaos

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