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9 Goose Memes That Shouldn’t Exist but It’s 2018 so Who Cares

Remember when it was like, 2013? When memes were actually well thought out? Well it’s not that time anymore. It’s 2018, where memes are so simple that anything can be memed. But that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here because our friends at Illinois State have decided on the first meme of the summer, and it’s…a Goose. So to…celebrate, we guess? Yeah, celebrate. To celebrate this occasion, here are 9 Goose memes, because it’s 2018 and we don’t care about quality anymore.

9.) Geese facts:

It’s well known how much Geese just really, truly hate people. You can be walking out of Schroeder, minding your own business as you walk around the quad,  and a Goose may just hiss at you and come at you for no reason. We would recommend avoiding them at all costs if possible.

8.) No speak english:

When people that don’t speak English try to describe things in English, you get really funny results. Take this tweet for example. Cobra chicken? Actually, that’s a pretty good description of a Goose for someone who doesn’t know English that well.

7.) Taken:

We’ve all seen Taken, right? So we all know the “I will find you, and I will kill you.” meme? Because that’s the Goose mood. All. The. Time.

6.) Facts:

This right here is just facts. As for the “enjoying Adam Sandler movies” bit? He’s had some okay movies, though some of his latest ventures have been…not as good, for the most part.

5.) Scumbag geese:

Geese are not only evil, they’re just rude. Why would you walk when you could just fly? Like, it’s understandable to stop flying to take break if you’re tired, but like, come on man. Some of us are trying to drive to class. So if you could not just take your sweet ass time, waddling across the road while we’re in a rush to get one of those sweet parking spots near The Bone, we’d appreciate it.

4.) International:

Well, the world cup is here, so why not get in the spirit by using other countries for your memes? It does fit in the name, after all.

3.) Fear them:


Geese are frightening creatures, as shown in this picture right here. More frightening than Watty food. Those who do not fear Geese, fear nothing. I mean, look at those teeth. Why wouldn’t you fear them?

2.) This goose is on fire:

Me irl. Just kidding. Sorta. But we want to know the backstory of this. Is that just a fire in the background while a goose runs in front of it? Or is it that a goose ACTUALLY is on fire? We don’t need sleep. We just need answers.

1.) Goose with arms:


No animal memes will ever beat this right here. Almost any picture of a goose becomes instantly better with photoshopped arms on them. Absolutely nothing. Adding arms to a Goose makes it look like it wants to go bar hopping with you through Uptown. No? Just me thinking that? Okay.

By the way, in case you were wondering what the Gooses’ name is that everyone is memeing? His name is Bruce. Yep, Bruce the Goose. Enjoy that while you can.


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