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BREAKING NEWS: Tom Skilling Admitted to Chicago Psychiatric Ward

CHICAGO, IL – After an episodic scene last night during a regularly scheduled weather report from Tom Skilling, the 62-year-old meteorologist was involuntarily checked into the psychiatric ward at the University of Chicago Medical Center. 

In the days leading up to the incident, which ended in a raving Skilling being forcibly removed from the WGN-TV studios, the veteran meteorologist apparently received numerous angry phone calls and emails from viewers who were duped into believing they were going to encounter a major blizzard.

A few seconds into his broadcast on Tuesday night, Skilling began to look agitated by what looked “nothing” to TV viewers. As the seasoned meteorologist struggled to make it through his forecast predictions, Skilling eventually became so erratic he began running around the set screaming at the air around him “WHO ARE YOU” and “STORMS A’COMIN’, I’M TELLIN’ YA” and “GET AWAY FROM MY MAP, YA RASCALS.” As the number of viewers began to rack up, WGN cameras continued to survey the delirious, now shirtless weatherman as he began swinging and jabbing at the cold front entering the northern suburbs. 

After ten minutes of flailing and moments of looking straight into the camera and whispering the weather has “taken on a life of her own” and “even he, The Mighty Tom Skilling, doesn’t know what’s coming” police and hospital personal arrived on the scene in order to remove him from the premises. Investigators claim they found no traces that there was anything to cause Skilling such distress and advised he be placed in psychiatric care until springtime, when the “stresses of historic winter storms are nonexistent.” 

However, upon further review of the incident, investigators were able to conclude that the cause of incident was two men dressed in green body suits who began disturbing Skilling at the beginning of his forecast. Due to green screen effects, the public was unaware of the presence of these two men, making Skilling appear insane. 

When called for comment on why they didn’t stop the incident as they could clearly see the green men messing around on set, WGN producers stated, “You don’t get ratings like that just for the weather. Even with historic storms, we needed to spice things up.” 

Skilling remains in the psychiatric ward at U of Chicago pending the completion of his paperwork.

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