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What Donald Trump Would Tweet If He Visited ISU

Donald Trump and Twitter seem to go hand and hand. Whether it’s because one of your republican friends never stops retweeting him, or because he was trending over something he said, you’re bound to see him at least once a day. What would he say if he decided to visit us here at Illinois State University? The Black Sheep has it all figured out:

Watterson Dining:

It’s no secret that Watterson is the worst of the two dining centers on campus. If given the chance, the Donald would try and rip Watty a new one over their disgraceful attempts at making food.

Presiden Dietz:

Our president Larry Dietz is a man of the people. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Being given a vote of confidence by the president of the United States himself? A tremendous honor. Huge. Believe me.

Tony’s Tacos:

Tony’s Tacos is a favorite here in BloNo, so it’s not all that surprising that even our commander in chief has positive praise for the place. Their menu is spectacular, their service is great, and overall they have the best Mexican food in the area.

Uptown Normal:


Not always exactly true, but from time to time, Uptown can get somewhat lame. Guess POTUS got caught in one of the more boring times in Uptown.

Bone Center renovation:

Everyone and their mother is excited about ISU redoing the Bone. The massive renovation is projected to finish around 2020, and the concept designs are very intriguing. Maybe the Bone revitalization won’t complete the plan to “Make ISU Great Again,” but it will, without a doubt, spearhead the plan.

Yes, Trump is not well liked everywhere, and just seeing him is enough to get some people angry, but at least we know now what he’d think of Illinois State.




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