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Here’s What You Missed from Beer Day this Year

This past Saturday, degenerates all over gathered to celebrate one of the best days ISU has to offer. Beer, beer, and more beer was the only thing on the menu and everyone was definitely over served. If you missed Beer Day, The Black Sheep has all you need to know about the fun filled day:

Beer showers galore:

Not one person left Farmer Sam’s dry. Natty Light was flying everywhere, and you were lucky if you were able to somewhat dodge that bullet. Your drunk friends unleashed their built-up anger towards you and decided that pouring full beers over your head was a good idea (because it was Beer Day and no rules were enforced, duh).


There’s nothing more exciting than seeing not one, but TWO dogs when you’re drunk. Two St. Bernards roamed freely catching everyone’s attention and even got their fair share of beer. Let’s just say the owners probably won’t be bringing their dogs back next year.

Beer jail:

Knocking someone’s beer out of their hand results in beer jail. To get out of beer jail, one must chug/shotgun a beer. Eager to screw your friends over without being an asshole and dumping a beer on them? If your friend has their beer in their non-dominant hand, yell “BUFFALO” and watch them struggle to chug the rest of their beer.

Flying beers:

If you weren’t careful, you might have gotten caught in a crossfire of flying beers. This could have resulted in deep cuts, getting knocked out, or nasty bruises. Blood might be shed, but fuck it, it’s BEER DAY!!!

Midday meal:
You can’t have beer without having at least 2 extra meals. The guys grilling for all the drunk people are definitely the G.O.A.T. Hot dogs and burgers pair perfectly with Natty. There’s really nothing better than grilled food during Beer Day (except tons of beer).


If you missed out on Beer Day, you obviously missed out on a shit ton of beer. There’s nothing better than being in a big barn with a truck full of beer and only a handful of kids to finish it. You probably never want to see a can of Natty Light ever again, but at least you had fun!

It’s safe to say this year’s Beer Day was a complete shit show and the ISU student population should probably not bother Farmer Sam and his dogs with our crazy antics anymore. Here’s to next year, Beer Day, CHEERS!

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