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ISU Student Determined to “Actually Try” this Semester


NORMAL – After failing most of his classes last semester, freshman Joshua Asher returned to ISU determined to “do class and stuff now” to improve his GPA.

“Yeah over winter break my parents found out I was on that ‘academic probation thing,’ and they weren’t super glad about it,” said Asher. “So I promised myself that I would be smart this year. It’s my New Year’s resolution.”

Asher, who thinks ‘resolution’ and ‘revolution’ are the same word, decided to attend all of his classes during the first week of school, which is something he’s never done before. “Yeah, it was super difficult to wake up and drag my ass to my first morning class, but I made it,” he said. According to his roommate, Asher’s first class was at 1 p.m.

Asher attended all four of his intro classes and was surprised at how easy they were. “All of the teachers just asked us for our names and hobbies and stuff like that. I think I did pretty well,” the freshman recalled.

During one icebreaker, Asher accidentally forgot his name, and when asked what his favorite hobby was, he replied, “Weed, man.”

Though Asher seems to be doing well two weeks into the semester, he was spotted in the Bone Student center just this morning napping on one of the couches in the Atrium.


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