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Jake From State Farm Challenges Reggie Redbird To Fight For ISU Mascot Title

In a shocking announcement Jake from State Farm has issued a “Black Panther-style Challenge” to Illinois State University mascot Reggie Redbird for the right to become the school’s new mascot. The proposed fight would take place at half time of the home opener, September 1.

“I feel he has not done his job as the mascot, and that I could easily do a much, much better job than that dumb bird ever could.” Jake said in a statement issued earlier today. Jake was also seen on the Quad with a Reggie Redbird piñata, repeatedly shouting “Is this your mascot?!” while beating it over and over.

There are no known issues with Reggie Redbird, so Jake’s accusation are both surprising and confusing to much of the student body.

Reggie, who has been busily campaigning during Mascot Madness, has yet to respond. With anticipation of a fight with more potential than either McGregor/Mayweather, a response is expected soon.

ISU President Larry Dietz, however, issued the following statement about to the potential showdown:

“Despite there being no issues with Reggie in the past, it would be pretty cool to see this fight. Also, my money is on Reggie, because he’s a bird and birds can fly.”

Should Reggie accept, he would be the first mascot to fight for his position in the history of forever.

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