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What Does Your Lodge Darty Outfit Says About You?

The weather is finally starting to get warmer on Illinois State’s Campus (well, kinda…) which means it’s prime darty weather. Residents of the Lodge spent all winter long planning their generic outfits to wear for this exact time of year, but what exactly does yours say about you?

Jerseys on jerseys on jerseys:
This is pretty much as good as it gets for every man’s wardrobe here at ISU. It’s easy to figure out where people are from since half of us here are Cards fans and the other half are Cubs (maybe Sox) fans. If you see a girl wearing a jersey, there’s a very good chance that she has no idea whose number she’s repping, let alone what sport they’re in. “I’m the biggest Cubs fan ever! I love Kris Bryant, he’s pitching today, right?” Alright, Karen. Chill.

Adidas superstars:
Superstars were popular back in 1969 and somehow resurfaced and became the go-to shoes for all sorority girls. If you’re wearing these this spring, then you have a deep love for wearing astronaut boots that you haven’t discovered yet. Along with Birkenstocks and Converse, Superstars are guaranteed to be everywhere this darty season, so choose wisely!

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Useful for every occasion, you can never go wrong with a flannel. Barn dance? Flannel. Cold out? Flannel. Hot out? Tie a flannel around your waist. These people are the ones who’ll make sure you know that they’re from a small town in Illinois. This is usually when you see girls wearing crop tops made from all their ISU t-shirts they got for free freshman year, ya know, just to show a little more skin.

Comfort Colors frat shirts:
Most of our fraternities might be dead, but the shirts (and memories) will live on forever. Fashionable for girls, they can wear their barn dance date’s XL shirt as a dress. On the other hand, when guys put on their formal shirt from 2015 for some beer breakfast, it’s just the epitome of lazy. “Hey bro, which one of my 70 Greek life shirts should I throw on today? Can you toss me my Nike crew socks and Sperrys while you’re at it?”

Button-up shirts:
When guys are trying to get real fancy, they’ll wear their favorite Forever 21 button-up. These are the guys who might actually call you after a night out, unless you met at Daddios. As the day gets longer and the drinks are flowing, the shirt will slowly become unbuttoned because, like, one more button won’t hurt anyone.

The seasons may change, but the outfit choices for every Lodge darty seem to stay the same, and it definitely says a lot about you.

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