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BREAKING: Monday Night Joe’s Bus Returns Redbirds to Wrong ISU

Last night, a Monday Night Joe’s bus scheduled to return to Illinois State University took students to Iowa State University by mistake.

“The ride was really long, and we were seeing way more corn than we’re used to, but since everyone was drunk, a lot of people just fell asleep,” said Illinois State junior Jerry Kyles.

It was discovered that the bus took students to Iowa State University after a last minute driver switch. The original driver had to leave due to a bout of food poisoning after visiting the Urbana D.P. Dough.

The new driver, having no clue where he was going, listened to the dozens of drunk students demanding that he take them to ISU. As an Iowa native, he the driver did what came natural to him. 

After arriving at Iowa State University, students still did not realize they were at the wrong school. Some tried to get into apartments. Others tried swiping their Redbird ID card at the dorms. 

“Whatever a Cyclone is, it had me fooled. It looks just like Reggie the Redbird! I mean, it’s a RED BIRD,” said Illinois State sophomore Greg Olsen. Around 5 a.m., Olsen finally sobered up and realized that things were not normal. 

Some students were lucky enough to have their parents pick them up after overcoming the long lecture as to why they were out drinking on a Monday in the first place. Others were able to convince their friends to ditch their morning classes to pick them up.

Most students were able to return to Normal, those that were not plan to stay after stating that “this place is basically the same.”

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