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Normal Portillo’s to Receive ‘Longest Wrong Order Streak’ Award

NORMAL— BloNo’s brand new Portillo’s is on a streak of wrong orders and has received an award for their efforts at keeping it up.

Restaurant manager Stevie Beef said the employees work hard in order to insure that every customer leaves with something they did not ask for.

“I train these workers to go above and beyond. If you order a cheeseburger we’ll give you the whole cow. Here at Portillo’s we like to put ourselves in the customers’ mind and know them better than they know themselves, so we can prepare the meal they really want instead of what they actually ordered,” Beef said.

The restaurant has been drawing in large crowds of students and local community members to see if they can all receive incorrect orders. Sources claim about 80% of the customers’ requests have been met.

“I decided to order a salad, mentioning how I’ve been trying to lose weight. They called my order number and when I reached in my bag I found dumbbells instead,” ISU student Courtney Knowles said.

 Student worker Beth Gross was awarded employee of the month for her outstanding work in ringing up every customer wrong at the register.

“It’s a gift really. I just try my hardest to completely ignore what the customer is asking for and punch in whatever order I think they should get,” Gross said.

Portillo’s confirmed they plan to continue their wrong order streak as long as they can, and strive to never give a customer what they ask for again.

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