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We Ranked These ISU Frats Based Their Gross Bathrooms

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Unless you’re in a frat house. These places are never sanitary, and there are no exceptions for their bathrooms. But what about ISU frats? Here’s an honest ranking of ISU fraternities based on how dirty we think their bathrooms are.

5.) FIJI:
Where even are the bathrooms at this house? We all know they’ll have a new house next year, but way to be by having a confusing ass house for the time being. Not only do you have to hike up a flight of stairs, but there’s only one room to pee in. This calls for 10 girls going in at once and a line that stretches farther than the amount of time this frat can keep drinks going. If you’re smart though, you’ll know that there’s a hidden bathroom in the basement.

4.) Sig Nu:
This bathroom is almost impossible to find. If we’re being honest, not many people know how to maneuver through this house/apartment/dorm. We’re not sure what this building is, but there’s a frat flag so it’s a place to party. If you’re lucky enough to shove through crowds of people, you’ll be met with a semi-decent bathroom. That is, if they don’t run out of toilet paper.

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3.) Phi Psi:
Phi Psi guys understand that girls have to pee minimum 40 times after one beer, so they actually have provided us with a communal bathroom! It’s easy to find and has more than one stall, which is more than a lot of these other houses can say. Just like Sig Nu, they do run out of toilet paper, so you should be OK with a shake n’ go.

2.) Pi Kapp:
If you’re into mazes, you should head on over to Pi Kapp for a Saturday night, because this house will really throw you for a curveball. Their bathrooms are kept clean — way to go guys — BUT you’ll only be comfortable in them if you’re 5’3″ or under. The stalls are a little short and a bathroom sesh here is basically a bunch of girls screaming at each other while peeing or peeking over the walls for shits n’ giggles.

1.) Alpha Sig:
A lot of people might argue that these guys are some of the worst, but they know what to do when it comes to the John. Follow the narrow and musty hallway to the glory hole and you’ll be met with a huge mirror. PERFECT for selfies, right ladies? Now all your high school friends will know what’s up when they see your Snapchat in a not so disgusting frat house bathroom.

Using the bathroom anywhere but home is not fun, but it doesn’t have to suck. Follow these guidelines and you’ll have the best Saturday night bathroom experience.




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