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A Spooky Map of the 5 Spookiest Spots at ISU

As Halloween comes closer and things start to get spooky, we begin to wonder what may be lurking around while we’re in class. Some people like to look for the danger while other prefer to steer clear from ghosts and anything of that sort. Here’s a spooky map of the ILSTU!

5.) The 3rd floor of Milner:
The only thing scarier than the volume level on the third floor of Milner Library is the fact that Angie Milner herself still haunts the floor herself. Students have reported hearing screams and seeing Angie Milner during darker hours of the night. Angie’s probably the only person in the world who would choose to live in eternity with dusty ass books like the ones here.

4.) William’s Hall and the haunted books:
Many of the old books from Angie Milner’s golden days are stored in William’s Hall, so by the transitive property these books are definitely haunted. Students have reported books just floating around through the halls and inserting themselves into their backpacks. “I don’t ever remembering buying an Intro to Cooking book, but it’s in my backpack,” senior Glenn Smith said.

3.) Constitution Trail and all those fucking clowns:
If you’re sick of clowns by now, then you should probably stay off the Constitution Trail. This trail is among the first of last year’s clown sightings. We all know the only clown anyone is excited to see is Ronald McDonald, so if you’re brave enough to make it down here and hit Raab Road, you’re in luck for a McPick 2.

2.) CVS and the notorious robbing ghosts:
The only thing scarier than clowns and ghosts is your money vanishing. The CVS in Uptown does a great job at making your money disappear, so beware. Upon entering the drugstore, your pockets instantaneously empty themselves while you fill your basket up with things that you could have gotten at the dollar store for a fraction of the price. Even if you don’t buy anything, the CVS demons still reach into your pockets and take whatever they can get.

1.) Bill Shields’ Office:
We all know that Bill Shields hasn’t left our world, but he’s left ISU, and his absence is definitely felt all around. One of the most haunting places to visit is his old office. Rocks are everywhere, abandoned. You can’t help but think about these poor rocks and how lonely they get. Students have reported of hearing some rocks talk to them while walking around the office. Some rocks even fell of their shelf on their own.

If you find yourself wandering the Quad late at night, or any of these spooky spots gird your loins. Some things are scarier than a long line at Pub on a Wednesday.

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