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How to Spot the ISU Kid Who’s Definitely Working for State Farm After Graduation

ISU and State Farm have a relationship stronger than a fraternity man and his Natty Light. One of our buildings is even named after the company (because apparently we’re pretty big ass-kissers over here). Here are a few ways to spot someone who is definitely destined to work at State Farm after they graduate:

They wear khakis to class, parties, and to bed:
Khaki pants are anything but a fashion statement, and it takes a lot of guts to wear them out. If you see someone who wears khakis on the reg, there’s a good chance that they’re priming themselves to start working at State Farm. Their look’s inspired by Jake’s khaki’s hanging up in Pub, and the hope that one day that’s what they’ll be known for.

They make sure to let you know they’re good neighbor, and they’re always there:
Do you have a nosy neighbor? It’s not for any other reason other than the fact that they’re making sure they stay true to State Farm’s famous slogan. If you get annoyed by them trying to solve all your problems at home, even when you didn’t ask, just remember: they’re just training for their dream job.

They practically live at the COB:
The State Farm College of Business is always overcrowded, and there’s a reason why. Some kids will definitely move into the Hall of Business because they want to be somewhere that they feel they belong.

They appear in places randomly, almost like magic:
Do you have that one kid in class who somehow magically shows up? He’s not a super fast runner, he just has the State Farm magic. After practicing the State Farm witchcraft for hours, he’s finally managed to figure out how to transport himself anywhere he wants. This’ll be great for his future clients, but as of right now, it’s just a little creepy.

They answer the phone at anytime:
Everyone has that super reliable friend that will take your phone call at 3 a.m. This friend is destined to work at State Farm one day. He’ll answer any and all weird phone calls from shady husbands. It’s his talent, it runs in his blood.

We here at Illinois State are practically being trained to be the best insurance company workers in the world. Some make the cut, and some don’t, but now you’ll know exactly who will end up being a good neighbor.

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