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Student Loses it When Nobody Says ”God Bless You”

Last Thursday an 8 a.m. lecture was brought to a screeching halt after junior crop and soil sciences major, Clint Westrock, sneezed. The sneeze elicited no reaction from the professor or his classmates; they just ignored it and went on. After asking “Nobody?” loudly, pausing, and then yelling “NOBODY?!” he started screaming and ran out of the building, pulling the fire alarm as he left. He was later apprehended and ticketed.


We spoke with bystanders to get their point of view of the incident. What we really wanted to know was why didn’t anyone say “God bless you?”


Junior Kent Brock told us he regretted his lack of action, “You know, I thought about saying it, but I was really tired and I didn’t want to expend the extra effort. It’s all I can do to not fall asleep in these lectures anyway.” Others were not as apathetic about the issue.


Sophomore Judy Peterson stood by her decision to remain silent. “I didn’t say anything on purpose. I was taking a stand and I think everyone in that lecture was with me. We don’t need to say it anymore. No one wants to say ‘God bless you.’ It’s not a religious thing either, it’s just like… why do we have to acknowledge when someone sneezes? Like, good for you! You got sick and you’re spraying it everywhere; let’s throw you a parade!”


We also interviewed Westrock to get his side of things. “I don’t regret what I did. Maybe now those inconsiderate shits will acknowledge when someone sneezes,” he told us, still visibly shaken. “I mean, when you sneeze and no one says anything, how stupid do you feel? I needed just a little encouragement, just a little something. I would’ve settled for a ‘gesundheit,’ I’m not picky. But when they all just ignored me, I snapped man… I snapped.”


Clint has since refused to pay his ticket, saying he had every right to flip out. There is now a warrant out for his arrest and he is on the lam. God bless you, Clint Westrock.

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