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Top 10 B*tchiest Buildings On ISU’s Campus

Most people consider ISU to be a friendly campus, or at least until you walk into the buildings. So, here’s a list of the campus’ top ten bitchiest buildings to help you avoid RBF.

10.) Turner Hall:
Coming in last is Turner Hall. In reality, Turner’s just a huge pain in the ass to walk to, so we’re going to assume that by the time most of the FCS students walk 30 minutes to class, they have pretty bitchy attitudes.

9.) Manchester/Hewett:
While it might be questionable why this dorm makes the list, let’s just think about the students in the winter who are forced to trek through the snow just to eat on any given day. We’d be bitches too if we had to choose between starvation or frostbite.

8.) Center for the Visual Arts:
This building itself deserves a spot on this list simply because managing to get around it is a bitch. Not to mention, all of the rooms are curved, uncomfortable, and old as shit. 

7.) Cook Hall:
We don’t necessarily know if the proper term for the people in Cook Hall would be “bitchy.” But then again, how else can you describe the vibes you get after walking into a building of people singing in the lobby, just for them to stop and stare at you as if you are an intruder because you aren’t carrying some sort of instrument.

6.) Fell Hall:
If you like being glared at by cocky communication majors who are up the asses of the entire teaching department, Fell Hall is definitely the place for you.

5.) Watterson Towers:
Have you ever just wanted to buy yourself some Subway and go peacefully to sleep in your room? Well, you’re shit out of luck if you live at Watterson! Watty is not only home to half of campus’ underclassmen, but also a neurotic staff ready to harass you at the door, and a swarm of policemen waiting to arrest any person they make contact with.

4.) Milner Library:
You can basically judge the level of bitchy-ness based on your floor. While obnoxious Greek shit-heads take up floor six, “the quiet floor” is what lands this building as number four. Don’t bother going on this floor, because they have a zero tolerance policy for breathing too loudly.

3.) Moulton Hall:
Moulton Hall comes in at number three solely because it’s home to the infamous Registrar’s Office. If you like being treated like shit just to find out that your entire schedule is fucked up and it’s too late for a refund, then Moulton is hands down the building for you.

2.) The Rec:
If being surrounded by a bunch of juiceheads and girls that curled their hair to work out is your ideal environment, you’ll love it here. There’s nothing like trying to better yourself while being Snapchatted by all the prissy bitches who’d rather lay on matts talking than actually working out.

1.) The COB:
Ranking in at number one (shocker) is the College of Business. We get it, your building basically shits on all of the other buildings at ISU. Shout out to State Farm for giving all of the business majors more of a reason to shun all of the peasants who don’t belong to business fraternities.

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