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Top 10 Places to Smoke Weed at ISU

Kush. Ganja. Devil’s Lettuce. Oregano! (…mom??) whatever you call it, you have probably come across the skunks perfume in your time at ISU, whether it’s around some mischievous freshman huddled around Constitution Trail or a Darklighters show in your friend’s basement. If only your Great Aunt Francine knew that you puckered your lips on that big yellow joint over getting high naturally by sniffing petunias. Here’s our 10 best places to smoke that dank-OG Cali Kush on campus because we all can’t go to Burning Man.

10.) Watterson Tower:
This is for all the Meta noobs out there. Getting’ high on the highest point of campus. Yeesh, and we thought our jokes were bad! Just be sure to crack open a window before you have to convince your RA that you contracted a viral pink eye infection at the last minute. You can only hope they’re as gullible as you were the first week of fall semester as a freshman.

9.) Hand of Friendship:
How can you not resist? It’s literally asking to roll a fat one on that fat palm of a hand. The campus police see you enough down there to consider you and your friend to be J and Silent Bob

8.) A Study Booth at Milner:
This is a fun one. Smoke in an isolated corner just enough to drive the librarians crazy.

7.) That One Professor’s Office…:
We all know that one professor on campus that seems just a little bit too mellowed out for their own good. You know… the one that sends his email conclusions with “good vibes” and has his office hours at the oddly specific time of 4:20. Oh, and you never actually talk about what you intended to in the first place when you go to visit.

6.) Bowling and Billiards Center:
Find a guy who has a strand as powerful to recreate this! This location is clutch because honestly, how often do people even go in this place?

5.) Watterson Dining Hall:
Get loaded before even reaching the hall. You aren’t entirely sure how many doughnuts you can fit in your digestive tract, but you are stoned, starving and curious enough to find out! 

4.) The CVA:
The building is already shaped and smells like a toilet bowl so why not? How else are you going to be able to get through your one gen-ed class that is about as invigorating as Ben Stein narrating “50 Shades of Grey”?

3.) Williams Hall:
We’d like to suggest this one as a challenge. Get so stoned that you actually see ghosts. We never knew Angie Milner, but it’s safe to assume she’s haunting the premises for a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. We know that’s what we would come back for if we were ghosts..

2.) The Bone Patio:
It’s a Thursday afternoon, you have no class and nothing to do. Nobody ever hangs out around there anyway… what is there to lose? Nothing, only a respect of life to gain.

1.) Cook Hall:
“I’m majoring in music so I can be enriched by music’s intrinsic qualities” says your one friend. Suuuuuuree, and we’re majoring in Accounting because we love spreadsheets and financial reports. You also called them out that one time for calling Rush classical modern composers.

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