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Top 10 Places to Hide Easter Eggs at ISU

With the bipolar spring weather comes everyone’s eighth favorite holiday. What better way to celebrate the resurrection of J.C. than to have a little fun and hide some colored eggs around campus?


10.) In the stacks at the library: We all tell our parents we basically live at the library, but how many of us have actually checked out a book? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Hide a few eggs within the books, and they may be forever hidden.


9.) In the Watterson salad bar: Students are usually too busy stuffing food into their faces to notice the eggs they normally toss on their salads are now pastel pink. The perfect disguise.


8.) At the G-Spot: The most awkward spot on campus may very well be the best place to hide your Easter eggs. Most guys won’t be able to find it anyway.


7.) Give some to the crazy Christians: Every student here has seen the batty Bible enthusiast on the Quad, spitting words about how ISU students are all going to hell. Try and sneak a few eggs into their pockets. If they don’t notice you, it’ll be the best hiding spot ever. If they do, just egg them. It’s a win-win.


6.) Toss ‘em on the Quad: Give the eggs ten minutes on the Quad and watch the squirrels try and run away with them. If you wanna get the egg, you’ll have to chase down a Quad squirrel and that’s just free entertainment… Free to everyone else who isn’t dumb enough to be chasing squirrels.


5.) On top of the rock wall: The gym is packed on a daily basis, but how many people actually climb all the way to the top of the rock wall? Few have tried and even less have succeeded. Egg-hunters will have to work(out) for it and actually risk their lives attempting to climb the wall.


4.) Chasers: Even though Chasers is supposedly making a comeback, who really goes there except townies and under-agers? Hide a few eggs inside Chasers and no one will ever find them. Ever.


3.) In gen-ed classes: Put ‘em under the seats of the classes in Schroeder or Edwards Hall; you know, the typical gen-ed lecture classes that everyone usually skips? The students who skip will flunk the class, lose the egg hunt, and disappoint their parents, professors, and the big man upstairs. Way to go, now Jesus thinks you’re a screw-up.


2.) Third floor of the Bone: “Wait, the Bone has a third floor? Since when?” The majority of underclassmen do not dare to venture up there, making it the perfect spot to confuse the hell out of them and get them out of their comfort zone.


1.) In the palm of the hand: Hide a few in the famous Hand of Friendship statue on the Quad by Hovey Hall. You know, like “hiding” a few easy eggs for the little kids so they don’t start crying. Same concept.

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